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Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Tyler Renee Owner and Operator of STAY By Renee After losing her job due to Covid-19, she decided to pursue her own business. The idea came when quarantine was implemented. She wanted to brighten intimate, cozy spaces and bring people together. The goal was to remind people to stay in a good light despite their obstacles. What better way to do it with the glow of a candle?

Tyler has always loved "smellies" from soaps to oils, perfumes to plug-ins. Her grandmother would always say, "a woman should always be soft and smell good." After a bath, her Gamma would spray her down to ensure just that! Tyler loved the compliment of "you smell good." This STAYed with her. Because of this, perfume was always on her vanity and she purchased candles weekly. She didn't know anything about candle making until she met her "Candle Mama," owner of Kenya's Candles in Bridgeport, CT who showed her the ropes. She gave her a book to read along with a formula as a starting point. STAY was born!

Why stay? The glow of a candle can relax your mind or make your home more welcoming for company. Naturally, people are attracted to pleasant scents because when things smell good, they're more inclined to STAY.

All candles are made with 100% soy, hand-poured with thought and love in mind. Buttery flakes of soy are melted and blended with potent fragrance oils. The botanicals in STAY have the ability to disguise the smell of smoke allowing the fragrance to linger. At the end of your last glow, a small tumble stone awaits! This reminds you to find the beauty in all the small things that life has to offer. Once the aromas fill your space, they may become too comfortable to leave. She can't determine how long they'll be there, but don't blame them for wanting to STAY.

In her spare time, she likes to paint, and is an advocate for selfcare. She loves to laugh! She

enjoys making videos on social media and engaging with her audience. This is perfect for her because she has a background in radio and the performing arts. She a Massachusetts native, but resides in Tennessee. Her long-term goal is to help children of the incarnated. It's a traumatic experience she knows too well because her father has been in prison since she was a child. She wants to be a light to that child she once was. She would like to assist them with acknowledging their own light and power and be their best self. With one candle at a time, she wants to light the world! She thanks you for allowing her to STAY.





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