Lorna Manzonzikila

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Charis means unmerited blessing, the nature is blessing and it worth gold.

LornaCharis is inspired by Lorna Manzonzikila who is passionate about skin and hair care. Her products made from plants oil, essential oils, fruit butter and natural gels have been specially designed to improve hair/scalp health and to reduce stretch's marks, dark spot, scars etc...

The ingredients have been carefully selected according to each problem it has to ameliorate. You will learn more about each ingredient benefit on Instagram *lornacharis.co* and Facebook page *lorna charis*

Why you will fall in love with her products?

They are 100% organic, vegan sulfate free,paraben free,cruelty free.

Lorna is an ambitious young woman passionate about hair care and skin care. partial braider, she takes pleasure in taking care of the hair of her clients but also of advising them on their skin problems. its objectives and to allow everyone to benefit from its 100% organic, sulfate-free, paraben-free and alcohol-free products to regain healthy skin and hair. In addition to her passion lorna holds a bachelor's and a postgraduate diploma in international hotel management and is bilingual. his managerial skills have enabled him to create his business plan and get started in this industry. Hotelier and bilingual, she takes pleasure in assisting each client with a lot of attention and patience for the greatest satisfaction.

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