Beau Mccoy

Beau Mccoy lead the fastest growing software company in the history of EdTech, which had a successful 9-figure exit in 2018. Now he is back at it again with another exciting Edtech program. A fresh new educational platform for acceleration and remediation in classrooms.

SOLcademy is Simple Online Learning. An easy way to discover and share video lessons.

Teachers can upload their videos in seconds, then share them in a single click with their students or other teachers.

Schools can share videos with another school in their district. This allows schools to pool resources to create content in one place and distribute it to all schools.

Students can discover videos on their own and watch them as many times as they like, in the

privacy of their own device.

Teachers have the ability to monitor student activity, seeing exactly who has watched which videos and how many times.

With SOLcademy, you will enable the best content to get into

the hands of teachers, and minds of learners.

Their mission is three-fold;

1. Eliminate teacher burnout

2. Bridge the achievement-gap

3. Support learning continuity

Students love short videos and now they can mix learning in with the rest of what they stream. Think of it like YouTube built specifically for teachers - super simple and fast, but without the distractions and ads. Collaborate with other teachers in your school or across the country, saving tons of time. And it's FREE to use.

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