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We are on a mission to help small business owners survive and thrive in an increasingly tech-driven world

Join us in our efforts to help impactful small businesses THRIVE .

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Our mission at Good Around The Globe is to connect small businesses that give back to their socially conscious consumer market in one convenient location. 


Kickstarted specifically for companies with not only a big dream, but big hearts, big missions, and a big need for our support.  

Just the facts

We all would love to know that when we shop, our hard-earned money was going to a company that cared about more than just padding its pockets.


But who has the time to research a bunch of companies hoping to find all those small, mom-and-pop businesses who could be filling your shopping needs?

That's why we've built Good Around the Globe. It’s a virtual marketplace where you can find quality products and services from community-minded businesses, like yourself.

of consumers
say that they
would purchase
from a purpose-driven company over the alternative when cost and quality are equal 


Porter Novelli Study

For our Consumers
Always Remember
Spending is Support

Make sure you're something worth investing in. 


Having a place to know where you are shopping, why you are shopping, and knowing your money is going to the pockets of people you love is not only rewarding but contagious. 

It creates a simultaneous giving streak that will keep spreading.  

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the REAL superheroes 

Not all superheroes wear capes

but they do

wear aprons

name tags

have hard-working employees

and wear many diffrent hats

Good Around The Globe saves you endless hours of researching ethical and transparent sustainability brands by offering a one-stop shop for improving the world. 

It is a CSR Virtual Marketplace that covers all of your day-to-day needs and niche favorites conveniently in app form.


Be it groceries, looking for the perfect gift, or maybe just hoping to find the latest pop-up bakery that donates to dog shelters, we've got you.